The Problem

There is a looming problem on my horizon. Dan Elkins is all geared up to catch horses in July so the USFS is likely to have a bunch. I want to train them, but I really don’t want to go back to the Browning Ranch.


  1. My garden will die.
  2. My dogs will be a problem.
  3. My equids will be a problem.
  4. There is no shade and it’s hotter at that elevation.
  5. There is no shower.
  6. Have to use a port-a-potty.
  7. The noises there make it hard to train horses.
  8. Have to fight with Bob to keep him from messing up the horses.
  9. It’s like Grand Central Station with people always distracting me.
  10. It’s a hard place to have people come learn how to train horses.

I really wish the USFS would let me take 6 at a time up here. The USFS work is a lot less money than the Trainer Incentive Program from the Mustang Heritage Foundation and when you add it all up, I only make about $5/hour on the local horses because of all the non-training stuff like helping with gelding and dealing with adopters. But I love working with the horses and finding them good homes. It’s a problem. Some kind of solution will emerge before then.

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