Snowflake, the littlest burro

Right now, we are knee deep in burros. It wasn’t exactly the plan, but somehow after adopting the first ten, it seemed like a good idea to get 20 more,.. and at least five of those are pregnant.

They are fun and easy to train. This little animal, named Snowflake, arrived underweight and stressed, but has blossomed into a handsome little guy that knows how to take a walk with the human.

The Annual Report (by any other name)

Our annual report has been boring. Last year, I managed to make one look pretty, but still, it was just a static annual report, snapshot in time, that didn’t inform anyone that already follows us on social media. It also failed miserably to tell the story of anyone or anything but us. It’s time for a change.

Welcome to the living Mustang Camp 501(c)3 Annual Report. We have a story to tell about the adventure we are living.