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Mustang Camp prevents animal suffering by humanely training feral horses and burros in preparation for adoption. We have helped over 600 mustangs and burros.
Many wild mares and jennies are pregnant when captured.

We don’t think it should be traumatic to live with humans after they are captured. We want to give them a soft landing place on their way to a better life.

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Our How To Train Mustangs and Burros on the Mustang Camp website

The Wild Horse and Burro Training Facility Story

Tucumcari: empty-handed but magical

Donations that came in the mail. We left Largo Canyon in a snow-storm, heading north ...
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The Season of Ice

At about 12:30 every day, breakfast is digested and the animals are ready to take ...
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Cycles of Despair

The definition of Mytho-poetic says it's a men's therapeutic approach to mental health that has ...
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Update Jan. 29th

Kathleen texted this morning to say she wasn't up for the adventure. New budget has ...
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Sometime after the Inciting Incident

Five gray-haired women sat around the table in the dining room; I might have been ...
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Geld A Stud

Another crazy idea for fund raising that didn't work. But it did make people laugh ...
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Dawn on the 27th of February was supposed to be a particularly propitious moment astrologically, ...
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We started out with a plan, really, we did. The Plan It was supposed to ...
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Now This

I woke this morning at 3 to the sound of rain. The covers were hot ...
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Carrot Coincidence

The wind was howling when I arrived at the property. Ron met me at the ...
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