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We have been posting clips from our saddle training protocol and I have gotten quite a few inquiries about more fundamental first training. We have it, and it’s already available. Right now. Your animal can be tamed.

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Our non-profit organization website has a few resource-rich pages on it’s website. Start with this one: Be sure to download the PDF list of Taming Tasks.

Get Serious on the MagicMustangTamer

Thoroughly Explore the Some of the pages are behind the paywall, but I was careful to leave plenty of good info in the public areas. If you are serious about learning and simply can’t afford the membership fee, write me a letter (patricia @

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Most of our videos are unlisted and you need the link to see them, but we have been putting videos up for about a decade so there are lots of public ones.

The Barriers to Success

The animal may already be conditioned in such a way that the tasks of taming will be harder. They won’t be impossible, but definitely harder. Take it into consideration, adjust your timetable to progress at a microscopic scale, molecule by molecule. Train in short 3 minute sessions with a written down goal. Don’t give up. Write or call for help. My goal is to help people help animals so I won’t mind at all.