Summer of 2012

Last spring we entered into an agreement with BLM to train and get horses adopted. In May we completed 4 horses. In June we completed 17 horses. We now have five trainers on staff and are growing more efficient every day. The horses are taught 26 tasks in four training zones. The first zone focuses on developing a friendly relationship. The second zone emphasizes getting the horse accustomed to human touch. In Zone 3, the horse learns to yield to lead pressure, then the horse puts it all together in Zone 4, learning to lead out into unfamiliar areas, get on the horse trailer, stand tied, and cooperate with hoof handling. We are turning out better trained horses than ever as a result of the number of people interacting with them. Adopters are coming to camp to learn how to work with their horses. It has certainly been exciting and fun to watch as our system continues to improve. And just when it starts to quiet down, the BLM shows up with another truckload of wild horses!