Facility to Train 500 horses and 200 burros per year

Putting the techniques of professional animal trainers to work in service of getting mustangs and burros into private adoption.


Elements of Design

Phase One

We hit the ground running at a minimal size. We need 30 days in this phase to get the trainers up to speed.

Phase Two

Trainers can now move into their own working spaces. The adoption department is stretching their wings

Phase 3

We turn the corner to be able to cover expenses.

Professional Results

Professional Operation


adoptions per month




days in training for each horse


animals per stall per year

A Humane Training Plan

The science of animal training has come a long way in the last 50 years. There is no room left for training failure. Our method follows 26 carefully engineered steps to produce a human friendly animal.

  • Science based
  • Ethical
  • Safe for trainers
  • Works for all ages, species, and genders of equine.