The Mission: Wild Mustang and Burro Training Facility

This page tells the story of our effort to scale up to 1000 horses a year. The sections are blog posts from December 2018 to 2020.

Chapter 1

Tucumcari: Empty Handed but Magical

We set out on a mission to scale up. The moon is up and we have some money. (read)

Chapter 2

The Season of Ice

What is keeping us in the snow? Are we professional or not? (read)

Chapter 3

Cycles of Despair:
Looking for a home

Government animals get hard to come by but there is no shortage of animals needing homes.(read)

Chapter 4

Update 29 January:
Turn of Event

Just when we think we know where we can go, we do not. (read)

Chapter 5

Sometime After
the Inciting Incident

A possibility presents itself. But maybe the ladies have other options? (read)

Chapter 6

Aligning with the Stars

Everything starts coming together all at the same time. Are we under a lucky star… or not? (read)

Chapter 7

Now This:
Make it work somehow

The first hint of just how hard things can get. We hit the ground dodging bullets. (read)

Chapter 8

Carrot Coincidence: Is there magic in Milan

It was obviously meant to be: the carrot and the stick. We choose the carrot. (read)

Chapter 9

Slip Sliding Away:

The mud is a minor annoyance compared to the rest of the story. (read)

Chapter 10

Witness to Suffering

Removing their testicles with give us options. It is our only hope. (read)

Chapter 11

Down the Rabbit Hole: In a prairie dog world

We win a reprieve while the prairie dogs sing. (read)

Chapter 12

Training —
it is what we do

We try to hunker down and focus on cranking out some tame animals. (read)

Chapter 13

Struggles with Aggression

Will it matter in five years. Probably not, so let it go. (read)

Chapter 14

Return to Freedom

From the horse point of view, it is a big winner. (read)

Chapter 15

Lessons Learned
in Milan

Back home in Largo Canyon, we take some time to see what we learned. (read)

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

Paul Simon wasn’t talking about horse training.

If we had heeded his words though, we would not have hunkered down between an interstate and the transcontinental railroad.

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