David, Maurine, and Nadine

In 2014, David Christensen offered to help me make a saddle training video. He is a retired professor of videography and a committed horseman, so it was certainly a gift to receive his services. I had two young volunteers staying for a few months that were quite photogenic… young German horsewomen, Maurin Gutzeit and Nadine Froese. They were hardworking starlets. It was a big project and we worked through September making it happen. So many details to keep organized!!!

Cassidy and Sundance are old enough to ride by now.

David left as the leaves were starting to turn color, leaving behind a wealth of neatly organized video clips that only I could really edit, because only I know what it should look like and where the action doesn’t match the goal. It took all these years for me to finally tackle this project, but it meets my current needs to flesh out the saddle training information on the Magic Mustang Tamer.

The complete What Success Looks Like series will be posted here on MustangCamp.com, so stay tuned, like and subscribe! You can find additional training information on the MagicMustangTamer.com both in the blog posts and in the subscriber-only content where we will provide complete details as the project comes together. The first one should post tomorrow.

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