This seems like a quaint idea in the year 2020, but there was a time when you couldn’t just bluff your way through anything. Well, it’s still that way in a quality educational environment. We have competency standards for the animals at each step along the way. We also have competency standards for the trainer. In this video we will review both sets of criteria.

Here is the list of competencies for the trainer:

  • Delivers food accurately and respectfully.
  • Makes clear and crisp bridge marker.
  • Bridge timing accurately marks behavior.
  • Bridges first time the animal offers approximation.
  • Changes criterion after 3 repetitions without errors.
  • Uses body to help animal, otherwise remains quiet.
  • Maintains safe environment for people and animals.
  • Ensures comfort of animals during training.
  • Follows written protocols / plans.
  • Facilitates animal success without compromising criteria.
  • Able to halter 4 ways (not really required, but a good idea).
  • Able to pick up front and rear hooves safely.
  • Able to halter drive.

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