I got stuck in accounting hell for a few months… but, hey, this is the year 2020, so no one is surprised when they find themselves in hell for a few months. But, then, finally the last journal was reconciled, the last account name changed, and the last Paypal record downloaded. I was a free person again. I dusted off my camera gear, cleaned off the desk, set up the new refurbished computer I bought for the video project. The future was looking bright, but it is still 2020. Things suddenly went south when I tried to install Premiere Pro (PP) on the new computer.

It turns out that the latest versions of PP won’t work on the particular computer with it’s outdated video adapter card. It’s a 2013 model and there is no fix, or so I am told. Hmmm. I reverted to my laptop to lick my wounds and carry on. It probably won’t handle PP if I ever let it update.

If I keep the video short and don’t update, there is a chance it will work. So we started. John is training Bravo. Not what I planned, but okay because it gives me time to focus on the cinematography. The challenging part is having to give direction and manage training by my husband. This is the stuff of which divorces are made from. Can he learn to listen to me? Not sure, but… he is so much more photogenic than I am.

The current challenge is uploading the video. I am trying to produce a more professional looking product, so the resolution is higher and the files are bigger. This means driving up the mountain to where I can see a cell tower with my laptop and uploading the files to YouTube. Four bars and 4G. It’s like magic on that mountain!

Well, enough complaining for now, it’s time to start posting the videos.

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