An old house for sale in Tucumcari showed up in my FaceBook news feed. Priced at only $1250, I had to look. 709 E. Main Street, is a dilapidated combination of old gabled roof and flat roofed eatery. The roof is caving in and the whole thing needs to be bull-dozed. But $1250 for a lot in town?

It made me think about our original plan to move to Tucumcari, which we still believe is a better horse adoption market than Milan, NM. We had a lot to learn about living in zoned areas. It would not have gone well. The land on the edge of town where we wanted to build Mustang Camp is zoned wrong (Industrial). This little property on Main street is zoned Commercial, so you couldn’t even fix it up and live there. Yes, we learned about zoning. Thank you, Village of Milan.

We also learned that we only have so much band-width. Even if this place only cost $12, we could not deal with it. That kind of thinking doesn’t come naturally to us.

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