A Magical Tool to Train Wild Horses

As a professional wild horse taming operation, we’ve had trouble recruiting qualified staff, training staff, and offering training opportunities to students. We think we have solved the problem somewhat by separating the academic training mission of Mustang Camp into it’s own project with it’s own website, the Magic Mustang Tamer featuring two major components: 1) an online classroom with comprehensive programs for basic wild horse care, animal training, and exploration of controversial world of the mustang; and 2) a library of our protocols, described and detailed for even the most avid trainers, and illustrated with more than 100 video clips.

Mustang Camp interns and students will be required to complete the first two educational programs before they come to camp. This is anticipated to filter out all but the most dedicated students. So if you were considering coming for an internship, start on the classes. The first module (Safety) is free and most of the rest cost $10 per module. Most modules will take about 3 hours to finish, there is a Learn by Doing assignment for every module, and learning is assessed with a quiz. It is the only program of it’s type and topic.

Access to the library of protocols requires a supporting membership, which costs $100 per year. It includes personal consultation and invitation to a weekly teleconference to discuss training. The income generated will be used to develop more content… I have my eye on a Go-Pro and tracking tri-pod.

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