Adoption Mania

The USFS awarded me the contract to do mustang adoptions and I hit the ground running. We are advertising in a diversity of locations. The Rural Electrical Association newsletter, the Enchantment, hit the street today and the phone has been ringing all day long. Craigslist continues to bring us a lot of inquiries especially now that our ads say FREE DELIVERY for 3 or more horses. We’ve got a real great group of adopters that have already found the mustangs of their dreams. It’s exciting to see our trainees go to good homes. We are also placing horses trained by Tim Jobe and horses that are totally wild. I am stressing to the adopters that I did not train these horses. I don’t like having anything to do with them really because I am worried that they will be difficult and people will think our mustangs are like that. The wild ones will be coming to Mustang Camp for training in a week or so.

Dr. Carla sent a donation to Mustang Camp. You may remember her from the Zekey saga… she has been a longtime supporter of the equids in Largo Canyon. It’s the first revenue in the Mustang Camp account, so it’s time to open a bank account. We have to have the money to file with the IRS and to pay for insurance to get the non-profit on it’s feet.

I advertised for a training assistant on Yard and Groom and got a great one. Krill Birdwell will be joining us in early February. She has an AA in Stable Management and has experience in Parelli style training. We are going to make a dynamic team! Watch out world!

While I was advertising for Krill’s position, I found out how many people out there expressed a desire to work with mustangs, so I added a position for internships and have had quite a few inquiries. Once they inquire on Yard&Groom, I send them to our Intern Application. I screen them there and then add them to the calendar. It’s going to be a very busy summer!

We will also be hosting a group exploring the Dinetah on the 20th and 21st of May. They are a botanical group out on an archaeological field trip.

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