Announcing Big Changes

In December we started working towards reorganizing our existing business into a non-profit organization. Now, in January, we are in a state of transition. This blog will be where you can get all the gossip about what the mustang peeps are up to.

We managed to talk a great group of people to sitting on the Board of Directors. We will soon be publishing their profiles on the MustangCamp.Org website. We are still a bit kludgey with the group software we are trying to master, but the by-laws have been approved and we are well on the way to having our non-profit application submitted. It has an $800 fee that has to be attached! Yikes!

We have an opportunity to get some work placing the backlog of USFS mustangs. It is going keep us hopping for a while. We will be showcasing these horses on The Mustang Horse Connection (MHC). The MHC and this page show up as sub-elements in the Mustang Camp website.

Our FaceBook page Mustang Camp has been really busy. Through it we made connection with Jill Starr’s Lifesavers. They have a lot of mustang foals they are trying to find homes for. We have agreed to act as a pick up point if she can find adopters willing to come this far for one.

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