King Arthur on his first morning at Mustang Camp

I sure was proud of King Arthur and Lancelot today. It was their first time on a lead rope. I had changed some protocols and kept them for almost 2 weeks in the training stalls. They learned to put on the halters and to follow me at liberty targetting a green ball so they knew the basics already. When I clipped on the rope this morning, King Arthur just started following. We went around the stall a few times, then out into the alley and down to the round pen. He wanted to sniff and snort at Trinity, but a little bump on the lead rope got him back with me. It was as good as most domestic horses ever get and it was the first time on a lead rope. Lancelot did even better. Yep, I am proud of those boys.

Morgana has been in the trailer training pen and is now quite happy to jump in the trailer for the piles of grassy hay I keep at the front. Merlin is not so sure about the noisy accommodations. I still don’t trust her, so we haven’t started with the halter. When I can touch her without her biting at me, then we can risk getting that close. For now, she is okay.

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