2010: The Year of the Mustang?

Anthony called me on Monday afternoon. He had a couple of mustang studs in a horse trailer and was driving west. Was I interested in gentling them?
I couldn’t say YES! fast enough. Bring ’em on! A couple of stallions sounded like a challenging project, but I’ve been scraping by waiting for some mustangs… no, I take that back, it hasn’t been “waiting” at all, its been too intensive to call it “waiting”.
For the last month John and I have been improving the corrals and pens. There is an almost completed Mustang Receiving Pen that attaches to an alley along the mustang stalls. When it is finished, the mustangs can be released from the trailer into the round Receiving Pen and then sorted into stalls. The receiving pen is 40ft in diameter and is made of 44 rail road ties (about every 2 feet) tied together with solid metal rods. It could be also used as an elephant receiving pen, if any elephants need that service. It’s not quite ready for the two stallions, but my stalls are.

So early Tuesday, Anthony showed up with the studly beasts. I was shocked to find they are just ponies, skinny ponies of a lovely roan color. One is a black faced roan and the other a bay faced roan. Classic looking mustangs, but tiny.
It doesn’t matter how tiny they are, Cisco has been guarding the fence to make sure these boys don’t challenge his herd or try to steal his mare, the lovely Paisley.

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