The Girls Left Behind

Nina, Lucinda, and Katrina are still down at the mustang facility. They are nice horses but they haven’t captured anyone’s imagination. Katrina and Lucinda are a matched team. Anthony says he will be taking them to Kansas this week to long term holding. I’ve put them on Craigslist in Farmington, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Western slope Colorado. I’ve gotten inquiries and sent out photos. My fingers are crossed.

I wish I had enough hay to bring them home, but as it is the horses I have here are costing me about $12 a day and they would put it up to $18. I am never going to sell enough mustang taming sticks to afford them.

I want to build carts and harnesses and train mustangs to pull them. It’s my dream right now. John says he wants to build the carts. Would people buy them?

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