No Tears in Horse Heaven

I have not been keeping up with this blog for months now, but that doesn’t mean things weren’t happening. Lately it’s been crazy evil things where I cried to see Thor and Jacob loaded onto a truck that my gut instinct told me was a kill buyer. Suddenly I find out who is honest and who is not. Who cares and who does not. And I find out that there is no way to stop it from happening. I would have adopted them myself rather than let them go like that, but by the time I knew what was afoot, it was too late.

Maybe it wasn’t a kill buyer. Maybe it was a loving adopter who just took the horses without looking at them, without being interested in what they were trained to do, without caring that they were crammed too tightly in the back of a giant stock trailer and were fighting. Anthony doesn’t want me to be blogging about mustangs being sent to slaughter, so I am not. I am blogging about wishing my gut instincts were wrong and hoping that pregnant Angelina is going to have her foal out in her new home. That Jacob will be like a giant teddy bear under saddle. Maybe where they went to will be like horse heaven.

postscript: It’s a month later and I have heard that the buyer realized he had a couple of good horses in there. Nothing is for sure, but it’s a hope to hold on to.

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