My recent posts on the Connection Club No.9

This is a series of posts on a discussion forum. There was not enough activity on it to have a conversation with anyone, so if I am going to write to myself, I might as well put it in this space so you can find it. The first one is lower down or on the next page.

Go onto YouTube and search. There are a couple of interesting things.

I sent away to Australia for three Jeffery related DVDs last week. I recently got paid for a bunch of horses so I was feeling flush. I will tell you if they amount to anything. The other DVDs I sent away for were one from Allen Pogue on trick training and Ryan’s DVD on bolting. I sure wish Ryan had actually demo’ed with a bolting horse instead of Dylan. A friend of mine wanted to watch the Allen Pogue DVD and loaned me “In a Whisper” in return. That was fun to watch… a colt starting competition between Parelli, Craig Cameron, and Josh Lyons. Craig should have won, but they gave the prize to Josh. Tonight we are going to check out Karen Scholl. Lucky for all of us, horse clinicians exist. We would get so bored otherwise. I might save up some $ for Ryans series… hmmm.

I’ve got to whine about something…. hmmmm. Well my co-trainers… KC has the swine flu and Bob went to Texas for the weekend. Can’t complain about them if they are gone. Hmmm.. the mustang facility seems to be the Starbucks of the local equine scene. Everyone wants to hang out here. It makes it hard to get my work done. Got two more ‘stangs adopted this morning and I have adopters starting to show up to help gentle their own mustangs before they leave the facility. Right now they get a laundry basket full of hay and a chair outside of their horses pen.

I’m hand feeding the new bands. I have a good trick when they are super wild. I get one of my personal riding horses and I let it eat along the fence where I want to feed the mustangs. I am with the riding horse in the alley. It’s feeding along the bottom of the fence and I keep shoving hay under the rails to the mustangs on the other side. They come up and eat because another horse is eating. They ignore me at first and then they get accustomed to being hand fed despite their ambivalence toward humans. I expect that tomorrow I will be able to feed about half of them without having to hide under a tame horse. You need to use a REALLY TAME horse since you will be sitting under it. Of course I don’t let the adopters get under my horse, but I have tied domesting horses near by their chairs with good effects. The main thing is to remove any suspicion that we are predators.

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  1. I've watched several of Allen Pogue's DVDs and haven't been very impressed.

    His horses do nice tricks, but I'm not sure how happy they always look. I've been meaning to write a review of his new "training with treats" DVD, which I really didn't care for, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    He trains with food, but his stick seems to be what's actually motivating the animal, not the positive reward of the food.

    Mary H.

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