My recent posts on the Connection Club No.7

I just came in from negotiating the fight. I get all the mares and foals to work with. When we separate them, Bob will take his horses to the roundpen with this long rope. If by chance the horses are already separated, well, he wouldn’t need to take mine. I think its time to open some gates and let the animals roam around.

Bob is one heck of a cowboy really. He is 84 years old and trains mustangs everyday for fun. We are able to talk about our philosophical differences but he just doesn’t get the physiology of learning. He gets hung up in mans responsibility to be a leader which I have no problem with but I just think we can be a smarter leader.

The other trainer is 19 years old. He is a Navajo who is interested in vaquero style horsemanship. He did a summer on the King Ranch breaking horses when he was 17. He is a good vaquero style cowboy. His mustangs stay hard to approach but its not a problem if you throw a 60 ft riata good enough. I would say his horses are good for cowboy adopters.

We get a lot of cowboys wanting studs to fix the weak part of their quarterhorse stock. We adopted two studs yesterday just for that purpose. Lucky dudes.

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