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Women are at a disadvantage in upper body strength making some kind of pull back consequences attractive, but if such is necessary I would rather use a stud chain than use a rope halter with knots on the pressure points simply because a rope halter looks so innocuous — why not just honestly admit we are training with pain? The point blank existence of a stud chain will put the communication problem to where it is staring you in the face and force you to keep looking for a better way.

I like using the squeeze halter when I start out. I make it with a thick cotton rope. Then I end up mostly just using a rope around the neck.

The mustangs we have left from the last adoption are getting some special training now. They are getting led from what ever pen they happen to be in at feeding time to another pen waiting for them with hay. This means they have to be caught and led before each feeding. They are coming around fast to the idea. I just have to be careful when catching them that I don’t let them practice running away. I put the rope on with a stick that can reach over their backs. Some of them will follow the feel in the rope with it just draped over their necks, not even made into a loop. I like giving them a reason they understand to get caught and go with me.

The mustang trapper caught two bands last night so we are awaiting the arrival of our next 10 mustangs this afternoon. We are going to get them on YouTube right from the start.

Your acquaintance who chased her mustangs around gave them plenty of opportunity to practice the flight response. One of our trainers here uses round-penning methods and you can’t catch his horses when he is done. The other trainer is more likely to put them in the chute, or a tiny pen, and just let them get over the fact that he is going to touch them. It gets a little western sometimes and he doesn’t make any equine friends that way, but at least they don’t get practice running away.

If Ryan and Andrew are right, the less they practice the flight response, the better equine companions they will be. I’m betting with them.

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  1. "If Ryan and Andrew are right, the less they practice the flight response, the better equine companions they will be. I'm betting with them."

    Very interesting point.

    I think idea could apply equally well to other things. It's better to always try to set the horse up for success. That way they don't practice or form habits of any unwanted behavior we might not want down the road.

    Mary H.

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