My recent posts on the Connection Club No.4

I figured it was something like that, but no amount of refreshing brought back the post… sigh…

Anyway I catch a lot of flack for not using typical western horse methods of training. No one thinks what I am doing with the horse at the time they walk up is really training because the horse isn’t mad, angry, frightened, or exasperated. The other trainers specialize in Learned Helplessness around here saying that the horse is a master of accepting the inevitable. They see me and think if you aren’t using a rope halter, how could you possibly train a mustang??? They put rope halters on the horses in the chute and leave them and I take them off as soon as I can get my hands on the mustang in a pen. No one came around today when I was here so I have nothing specific to rant about (but someone dumped a pair of old white ponies on me while I was doing laundry.) I am sure to have something to complain about soon as this place is like Grand Central Station.

I am studying Kel Jeffreys and Billy Linfoot. I would like to know if Dr. Linfoot could catch his horse the next day. My current quest is for approachability.


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