My recent posts on the Connection Club No.2

This one was a reply to the only comment I got about my introduction.

Thanks for your great reply.

I tried teaching the Behaviorist-style “Go Forward” to a sweet-tempered mustang this afternoon and noticed that the horse was a little bit claustrophobic when I had him against the rail… he did better in the center of the pen. I had to stand out to the side much further than with a domestic horse because me just being in that space made him unlikely to step into it. He doesn’t want to violate the boundaries of my energy bubble and when I pressured him to do so, he jumped over it. He backup up perfectly right from the beginning. This was a horse with very little experience of leading. If you tried this style of go-forward, you could be giving your mustang conflicting signals if its flight distance was greater than zero.

The funny thing is that our mustangs are very mannerly compared to most horses on Ryan’s television program!!! None of them strike, rear, kick, or bite unless you do something truly horrid to them.

Yrs, Patricia

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