Waiting….. and meanwhile

Dan Elkins is out there catching some new ponies for me to have fun with. With his Magic Mustang Mix, he baits them into a pen with a remotely closing gate. The current plan is that after they are caught they will be hauled to the Browning Ranch where they will get their freeze brands and gelding. Then I can take them home to Largo. I have to get my trailer in tip top shape. Some work to do on the pens as well so I can take up to five at a time. If you think I am not excited about the project, you are soooo wrong! Having to spend my mornings being a waitress at the cafe is really hard when I would like to be out in the cool of the morning getting things ready….. it won’t be long.

Meanwhile Ocho and Trinity might get trained to drive as a team. Might as well while I am waiting for someone to adopt them. I filmed Trinity learning to use the hoof stand, but I haven’t had the time to work through it and edit it down to 10 minutes. Let’s just say he starts out fearful of the mean green hoof-eating machine, but by the end he figures he might as well just keep his foot there and eat cookies.

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