I would shake your hand, but the phone is ringing.

It takes about 20 minutes to train a horse to pick up its front feet for you… even a mustang, providing that you have their favorite horse snack as a treat. Sarah was shocked at how easily she got Trinity to flip up those hooves. Sarah is kind of spooked by hooves, so she thought Trinity would be spooked by hooves too. Once I convinced Sarah that she should actually stand next to the horse, Trinity got serious about up his rate of reinforcement. He was in charge of that and he knew it. He is funny because he will do most anything for a cookie or a good scratch, but he doesn’t really think he might “have” to do something, just because. He knows how to resist when he wants.

I was doing a short video with El Ocho when the phone rang. It was Claire calling from the hostel in Albuquerque. She had arrived from Ireland earlier in the afternoon. She was excited to be in sunny New Mexico and had a great flight next to another horsewoman. We are just getting ready to head down to the bus stop to pick her up. Zeph is coming over to take over my place as Waitress and then we are heading to town.

Three or four other people are on their way to Largo to work with mustangs. We are set to have some fun around here.

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