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Letter to Anthony (in charge of the mustang program):

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El Ocho and Trinity graduated to a new paddock yesterday since they
will come up to us and let us catch them. They are kind of
leading….. kind of sketchy still.

They still have to learn how to let their feet be worked on and to
load into a trailer on a lead before they can leave, then we will let
them go to new adoptive homes on the condition that the new adopters
leave them with us until we have another set and they pay for their
feed. AND that they come out and learn how we are handling them. You
set the price. I hope to have those tasks mastered in a week.

Can we arrange to get our next ones as soon as Dan catches them
instead of having them go to Farmington? They could get their vet work
and brands after they are tame.


Anthony called. I had a rough connection and I was busy being a waitress, but I stuck to the phone. Would I take another horse? His last horse in the USFS corral is the little swayback yearling that I turned down for El Ocho and Trinity. I asked if he could help us with some hay….. he can give us two tons. Yep, we can certainly take the little guy. He will haul him out with the hay later this week. Wow!

What is a good name for the Last Mustang. El Ultimo? He’s got to be a cart pony not a riding horse, though Anthony said he would grow to be about 16 hands. Hmmm… somehow I doubt that. He will become Claire’s personal project horse. She arrives from Ireland on Wednesday. Trinity is Sarah’s project horse, and I am obsessed with El Ocho. Karen gives the more domesticated animals more attention.

More mustangs! More fun!

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