Living in the Moment

Mustangs live in the moment and over the years I think I have learned the same habit. It isn’t always a good thing. A set of goals and a good organization list are really the only way to make efficient progress, but they are useless when you live in the moment.

I stop by the mustang pen for a quick pet. Three hours later I realize it’s time to feed and I am still playing with El Ocho. Its a game of how can I influence him to relax, to move, to follow me, to go away from me… etc. He’s getting quite used to “the human companion”. He understands working for positive reinforcement and has learned to hear my conditioned reinforcer sound as a sound he wants to happen. I think he will make someone a very cool steed.

With the mustangs leading now, I will put them up for re-adoption on the condition that they stay here in training until the end of June. Karen and Sarah are much more reluctant to think about the impermanence of mustang foster care. Enjoy them now ladies… We have some work to do this week in getting the wild ones to let us clean their hooves and starting to lead over obstacles, but it doesn’t take long when you are just living in the moment.

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